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Music Production & Sound Supervisor for TV - Film
Guy Forrester Mixing on Hollyoaks
Music for TV:
Guy Forrester and Partner Maire Morgan Compose and  Produce Music for TV programmes
Credits include: Blind Date for LWT, plus  many more well known ITV Programs.
Other Music Commissions
Granada Tv,  Ch 4, Border and Grampian Tv.
Contact: guy@lindenstudio.co.uk


Credits for Tv Sound Mixing
Brookside - Mersey TV
Hollyoaks - Mersey TV
East Enders Manchester Bubble for BBC
DreamTeam for Sky TV
Freelance Sound Supervisor Credits:
Hollyoaks, Brookside, East Enders (In Manchester), Grange Hill, DreamTeam & The Retro 1980's Prequal to DreamTeam. Many other short film projects
Mersey TV, BBC, Granada TV, Ch 4 Border TV Sky 1, Hewland International,, Grampian TV