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Professional Recording Studio
Phone: 01539 624827
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Linden Studio is top quality Pro-Audio facility based in Cumbria in the South Lake District, highly respected for professional recording & production of music. With Producer & Engineer Guy Forrester, we manage a variety of music projects with Bands, Songwriters, Composers, Vocalists, Soloists, DJ's, & Rappers. We record voice-overs, provide ADR facilities, & create music & fx, for TV Film & Multimedia.
The Studio
Caters for all kinds of artists and Bands who wish to compose, write songs, work on pre-production, record, mix and produce the best quality CD Masters'.
Analog Desk
Soundcraft 2400 Console with 40 inputs. Because this is a 24 group output Analog console, it is perfect for Multitrack recording and seamlessly crosses over into the digital world where tape has been replaced by Digital recording on Protools 12. The Desk produces a rich transparent sound as you would expect from the Soundcraft family of vintage and modern Consoles.
Microphones for Vocals:
The Neumann U87Ai.
Regarded as 'the go to' legendary high quality microphone for vocal & acoustic instrument recording
. Dual Diaphragm for Cardioid Omni and Fig 8 patterns.
For Instruments:
We have a wide selection of studio microphones for drums and acoustic instruments
AKG, (inc C414 dual Large Diaphragm condenser. AKG D112 Kik Drum mic).
Legendary Shure SM7B (Perfect for 'close' Vocals, Voice Overs and Podcasts).
Shure SM57's & 58's. general drum and instrument mics.
Sennheiser MkH 50 condenser's and UB421's.

Tube Mic Pre-Amps.
Guitars Bass's and Vocals and many other instruments will often sound smoother & richer in harmonic content, when a high quality Tube Pre-amp is used in the recording chain
The Art Pro MPA II Mic and Instrument Pre' is a 2 channel Rack mount Tube Pre-amp that is reviewed as one of the best sounding units out there.
I personally love this thing! It has so many options for gain, saturation and stereo configuration including 'mid-side'
(eg if you record acoustic guitar in stereo and want to capture more of the acoustic space surrounding the instrument).
The Art Pro's 'padding' and input gain control options make this unit ideal for inserting into the signal chain in pro tools to use on already recorded track(s) where tube saturation would be desirable.
Pro Tools with Motu Multichannel 24bit hardware.
MOTU 16A 24bit hardware has connectivity that allows up to 156 audio channels .
ADAT units can be connected to it, or by using ethernet AWB, it can connect to other Motu units.
The 16A has a very high dynamc range (127db) and a beautiful smooth sound.
ProTools 12 is a full 64 bit system which allows very large numbers of tracks to be recorded at once. Even more mixing possibilities are available, since it makes very efficient use of computer power.
Advanced Instruments and Fx plugins are, or have been ported to Avids new AAX 64 bit format.
Original classics like Neve, EMI, SSL, add so much choice of tone and dynamics in your final mix.
We still record guitars on amps, but we also have some awesome guitar software, allowing you to record guitars without an amp, but acheiving virtually any classic electric guitar sound.
Keyboards, Instruments, Virtual Instruments & Virtual Drums
Yamaha P140 weighted piano action keyboard with 88 keys - Arturia Keylab midi instrument controller keyboard - Yamaha midi drum pad set. Other Instruments include' 2 Classic Fender guitars, a Les Paul, & Yamaha bass.
There are many Virtual Synths Pianos and other Classics instruments.
Create real drum sounds as well as electronic drums with Virtual Drums
The studio is is perfect for bands who wish to record 'all together in a live setting'
Alternatively, artists may like to start with the basics, adding electronic and / or acoustic instruments 'bit by bit'.
Control Room
Control room is smallish but comfortable and the main monitors are superb! Separate amps running on crossovers powering twin 15" reflexes tuned to 40 Hz for that big smooth bottom end, with Tannoy LRM 12" Dual Concentric's for excellent stereo precision
Tannoy 502 Reveal - Nearfield Monitors
Newly Installed Tannoy Reveal 502 Monitors have a massive sound for nearfield speakers. Ensuring precise mixing & imaging
Rates here are affordable and are flexible, we do an hourly rate for short sessions ie 1 - 4 hrs, then a short day rate of 6 hrs, or long day rate of 8-10 hours. Blocks are discountable. We also offer a special rate for longer projects where session days are booked over a period of months, ie once a week or maybe 2 days a month. etc
please call us on 01539-624827 or click here to email.
We do special rates for singer songwriters, who want help produce their songs over a period of time with Guy Forrester as engineer /producer.
Instruments and musical input can be provided.
Even if you do not have a band or musicians to work with, but are able to competently play 1 or more instruments, you will achieve amazing results. Several of the featured artists shown on our website have been working this way. As Musicians ourselves, we can help with Guitar Bass Drums and Keyboards.
In the Artist section and Audio section, there are some special artist pages and music tracks. Check out the video page as well. You will find lots of music from some of our featured songwriters, bands, and 1 or 2 of our own. enjoy!
We are now on facebook and You Tube, so please do take a look!  p'raps even tick the like boxes!