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Artists Recording at Linden Studio
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Kenneth Wilson Has just released his Album
Highway Cello

Kenneth Wilson

Apres Un Reve - Kenneth Wilson 2022

Seb Morgan (Mixing & Mastering with Guy Forrester)

Seb Morgan

Album by Seb Morgan - We Will Meet,
released 07-07-2017
The Walls Of Love (from the album)
Priya Sunda - dancer and musician, has created Morris Natyam. A dance production with an Indian & Celtic fusion of music and dance 2017.
Working with them on this recording project has been amazing!

Priya Sundar

Stunning performances by vocalist Ramya Tangirala and the virtuoso flute of Vijay Verkat


Mridangam Solo
Prathap Ramachandra


David {Spacey} Jeffery-2016
Circa 1926 San Francisco Bay

StormCrowe 2014 - video Soma - Paradigm 2016

Hammerhead video
Visit Their Website
Bulletproof Rose

The Exiles

John Brake
The Exiles John Brake


Real People
OMD SugarTax The Real People


Reece Reinbach

Shack Reece Reinbach 2015
Monsters Album

The Twiggs
The Twiggs - Members Jamie Bell, Marcer Campbell and Chris Bwown, Recorded The Album 20,000 Leaves Under the Sea at Linden Studio back in 1992 when the studio was a 16 track. They were ahead of their time and this album was their Abbey Road, They even bought me a white engineers coat 'And'...made me wear it!. They got a distribution deal for the album and it was released in 94. They went on to win a development deal with East West Records on hearing the bands album, and we all headed to Liverpool's Pink Museum 24 track, with new member Pat O'Shaunnesy on rhythm gtr adding brilliantly to the line-up, and new songs. They were unable to really recapture the vibe that we had acheived on 20,000 Leaves and they sadly disbanded shortly afterwards, which was a dreadful shame. Enjoy this track!

The Twiggs - California Rain - 1994


Black Umfolosi
Sidetrack - 2013 Black Umfolosi Khulama Lami
Special Engineering Projects and Credits
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Sugar Tax LP Producer - Andy McClusky
Recorded At The Pink Museum, L'Pool
Guy Forrester Engineered and mixed several tracks on SugarTax. The Album went Double Platinum and 3 Top Ten singles resulted from it. 'Sailing on the seven Seas' reached No 3 in UK Charts.
Virgin Records.
The Real People,
Engineered Mixed - Guy Forrester,
Recorded 4 songs At The Pink Museum, L'Pool, Mixed at Amazon in L'Pool The Real People write the most amazing songs and have influenced the likes of Oasis, and had a song recorded by 'Cher'
CBS Records
Laurel Records - Producer, Hugh Jones, Manager, Nathan McGough
eng pre-prod - Guy Forrester
Additional Artist Info
Kenneth Wilson Came into the studio in January 22 to record an album of solo cello entitled Highway Cello. The album ranges from Traditional Folk to Arrangements of beutiful pieces of music such as the track featured here, Apres Un Reve by Gabriel Fauré.
The Album has now been released and details can be found at:
Kenneth has now begun a cycle journey from Hadrians Wall to Rome with his Cello on board and will perform recitals along the way.

Seb Morgan brought his album to mix and master!
Really excellent and original material. He's a multi talented artist and performer, and has created a great album "We Will Meet" released on 07 07 2017
(The featured track is called - The Walls Of Love)
visit Sebs website: http://www.sebmorgan.com/

Massive Wagons (youtube link)
The band are a very tight hard rock ensemble from Carnforth and sound very fresh but also mainstream.
Baz Mills on Vocals, Adam Thistlethwaite on lead guitar, Carl Cochrane on rhythm guitar, Bowz Bouskill on bass and Alex Thistlethwaite on drums.
Really cool working with them gf.

David (Spacey) Jeffery

Recorded a contemporary piece - Circa 1926 San Francisco Bay - The arrangement features Piano and Cello (Audio track opposite or below - enjoy!).
Spacey is based in Liverpool and takes an active role in the music scene, organizing music events and collaborating with other artists. He also produces amazing psychedelic Drum n Bass material and DJ's in the clubs of Liverpool and beyond.

The Black Chamber
completed an album, which they began in 2013. All brilliant musicians in their own right, they have created a Prog Rock album. Complex, clever rhythms with unusual, and sometimes frantic musical virtuosity, as well as delicate soothing spaces. Some tracks, in the best tradition are some 12 or more minutes long.
Members - Gareth Potts, Author/Composer, Guitarist & the inspiration and behind the album, Paul Knowles, a virtuoso drummer, percussionist & arranger, Steve Hadfield who plays jaw dropping keys and is the main vocalist, is also something to behold. Simon Wilson - Bass Guitar. Brilliant un-flustered bass performances which have all sounded flawless under the scrutiny magnifying glass of pro tools. So Tight!
Working with these guys has been amazing and we wish them all the best. Will announce shortly the release and full title of the album, and add a preview.
Soma - Members: Stefan Emptage - vox, Fergus Ellington - guitar/vox, John Bassett - bass/vox, Nick Kimber - drummer. A new Indie band from Lancaster.
Original sounding, they go from Punky to soaring big spacey guitar with hypnotic Bass and drums. great vocals.
Michael Geen - is a talented singer songwriter
I really like Michael's songs. He has been working here to produce a body of 10 or more of his songs. Featured on BBC Radio Introducing. It's great to have had an opportunity to sometimes play on his songs as well as produce.
 John Brake - 2015 - 2016

Scarecrow the 1st Song released from the new album
Murder Of Crows

The final album is probably Johns best so far.. Dynamic, imaginatiive, emotional and musically touching, it takes you on a mythical rollercoaster journey with a soundscape that is breathtaking. The album features additional performances on Keyboards by Maire Morgan and other instruments performed by Guy Forrester

John Brake (face book)
john brake-(My space)
The Lovers Album - Released 2012.
Sky west And Crooked - Released 2008
Shadows On Blue LP, - Released 2006.
Produced - Engineered - Guy Forrester
The Muffwigs - Members: Akitt- Vocals Liam - Vocals Sean - Geetar Dan - Bass Pottsy - Drums.
The finest British Punk, These guys put a 13 track album down in no more than a couple of days. Play Loud!
Downpipe - Members: Johnny, Bench & Sam. Hometown: Kendal, Cumbria, a punk rock trio with a taste for the groove.
Stormcrowe - Members: Vocals/Bass Guitar - Steven Bradley Lead/Rhythm Guitar- Keith Wallace Lead/Rhythm Guitar - David Siddle Drums- Jamie Watson
The Guys have been back to record a new EP. They tick all the best Rock boxes. Massive sound and Steve's vocals are shiny.
Jason Richardson - A New Spirit A New Heart -
Following on from his early Punk days with Jellybaby Overdose, he has now written and co written new songs which move and morph into different genres altogether. There are wild rock tracks interwoven with soft delicate soul searching & at times hypnotic musical and vocal arrangements. The album is produced as a narrative with fx and voiceovers adding to dramatic effect. The songs have a spiritual connection with 'Hope and faith' at the heart of their message.

Weave A Silence - Jason Richardson 016

Artists 2012 - 2015
Reece Rheinbach - released his mini album Monsters
Some tracks are just solo acoustic, but others include drums bass and keyboard .
Reece sounds very energetic and has a unique style of playing and singing. the tracks we've been working on, have a fresh, unusual, but ultimately cool sound-gf
Bulletproof Rose - Recorded 5 songs in 2014.
The track Gypsy is on our Video Page.
Or Visit them on Facebook.
The band features 2 brilliant guitarists bass and drums. Recorded over a weekend. Drummer Daniel and Guitarist Jacob also play in Stormcrowe, who just released their new album.

StormCrowe - New Album was released in 2014. The whole album was recorded and mixed in a week.
Watch video On Our Video Page
Hammerhead New Album CD released 2014. The Album is also on vinyl

Hammerhead - Psilocybin 2014

Produced - Engineered Guy Forrester. These guys are Brilliant! Have worked with them over the years and this is their most recent album.
Watch video On Our Video Page
Sidetrack - Album Just The Way We Are - released April 2012

Sails ( Indie Band) - April 2012